For some time now, the business world has been facing a mounting dilemma: companies need high-quality, innovative HR, but they don’t know where to turn for these services. They often prefer not to talk to too many external parties about this, even though the economic upswing is putting even more pressure on overall demand. That is why we increasingly see our role as a boardroom consulting firm that addresses strategic (HR) issues/agendas across the entire spectrum.
This is the concept that gave rise to HRTouchpoints, a platform to which you, as an executive and/or company, can turn for all your HR-related issues. Similar to the customer journey in marketing, in which touchpoints are the occasions when companies interact with their customers, HRTouchpoints offers professionals and companies a range of services throughout the human journey.

What we do…

Where we work

Most of our clients are located in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany (the Euroregion). We have deliberately chosen not to specialise in any particular professional group or sector. You could say we are generalists, which means that our clients represent a cross-section of the Dutch public and private sectors. We have a very broad network that includes listed companies, start-ups, scale-ups, SMEs, family businesses and private equity firms.