Individual and Team Assessment

We define an assessment as a combination of psychological testing, one or more behavioural simulations, and an in-depth interview.

In the marketplace, psychological testing on its own is often referred to as an assessment. It is not, however, sufficient when it comes to questions of candidate suitability.

HRTouchpoints has broad experience in assessments and can find the most appropriate program for you and your company.

Our Vision

The following underlying principles are important for any assessment (regardless of whether the object is a selection or a development assessment):

Objective yardstick

The assessment is an important part of a selection or organizational change process. A well-designed assessment offers an objective ‘third’ perspective on the candidate’s profile. In the case of a selection procedure, the assessment recommendation (report) combined with your own impressions can help you reach a well-informed decision about the appointment to the position in question.

Quality, speed, and efficiency

HRTouchpoints will gear the assessments, reports, and recommendations to your needs.

Support for client and candidates

We make sure that the organisation’s expectations are met. However, we also see the candidates as our clients. Throughout the assessment, we ensure that they receive proper and personal guidance. We are aware that candidates may be sensitive about the assessment. That is why we are very careful in our approach and treat the candidates with the utmost respect.

HRTouchpoints has its own way of performing assessments. We are after more than a precise diagnosis and well-informed recommendations. For us, an assessment also represents another step in the candidate’s career progress, even in a selection procedure. We not only look at a candidate’s suitability in terms of the competencies they possess but also at their learning potential. We deliberately examine their motives and their fit with the organizational culture. On the day of the assessment, the candidate receives all the necessary feedback and has the opportunity to respond and take action.
A simulation (or role play) allows for interruption, self-reflection, and feedback. Our role plays are in fact training occasions, with the candidate having the opportunity to examine their own abilities and behaviour and to start adopting more effective behaviour. That is why we always work with behavioural simulations. We enter into dialogue with the candidate. Our method of ‘assessing’ not only shows us everything that the candidate is already able to do but also identifies learning potential and adaptability. We see what they take away from our feedback and what they ignore (learning potential). We take this a step further in a development assessment by devoting a separate paragraph to our development recommendation in our report.

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