FIRM|LAW employment law is the name of Harm ter Haar Romeny’s employment law practice. He is a dedicated legal professional who is modest about his role and always focuses on what the case itself requires. His philosophy is that lawyers should never forget that their primary purpose is not to point out risks or flaunt their knowledge but to serve the interests of their clients by seeking a solution. Every case – regardless of its merits before the law – has an outcome that is optimal within its own context. The trick is to recognise and attain that outcome as a team, and that is where FIRM | LAW makes an enormous difference.

Harm is an experienced, all-round employment law specialist. He spent most of his career as a lawyer at De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek, where he not only learned to practise law at the highest level, but also came to understand that being a good lawyer involves much more than merely delivering quality. Equally important is to enjoy the profession and to be there for your clients – at all times.

Harm also spent about 3.5 years working in business. Not as a lawyer (a deliberate choice), but as a corporate strategist. The work was invigorating and it served to broaden his view. But he realized he missed the law and went back into practice. In 2013, Harm opted to go into practice for himself by joining an employment law firm in Amsterdam as a partner. In September 2015, he founded FIRM | LAW employment law.

Harm still adheres to the precepts by which he was educated and trained as a lawyer: work hard and with purpose, listen carefully to clients and never compromise on quality and service.