Leadership Development (L&D)

Many companies invest heavily in leadership or commercial training; they roll out extensive internal programs for high potentials or send people in ‘key positions’ to expensive ‘offsite’ training courses. They expect them to return with revelations about themselves and the world. In an article published in December 2016, Harvard Business Review states that this traditional approach no longer meets the needs of organisations today. ‘Business is moving too fast’ for that, it claims.

So what does meet their needs, then?

The most progressive organisations (e.g. Disney, Barclays) identify and develop their commercial leaders while having them pursue critical business objectives. This is known as in-context learning, with theory being put immediately into practice, failure being regarded as a learning experience, and success being the fuel to drive ahead.

This particular observation resembles the approach that we have developed over the past 20 years and that we now use worldwide in large and medium-sized organizations. What does our approach produce? Intrinsically motivated individuals capable of connecting their personal goals to those of the organization: ‘If the desire is there, the ability will follow’.

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