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Three years ago HRTouchpoints Executive Search & Recruitment got off to a flying start and in recent years we have been approached by our customers for Executive Search & Recruitment of permanent positions, Coaching, Leadership and HR Consulting. We would like to thank you as a customer for the trust you have placed in us. Now that we have laid a solid foundation for the company, we are ready for a new step.

We are increasingly being asked to solve interim issues with clients and from our existing network of professionals we were able to supply the right interim candidate. With the changes in the labor market as a result of the corona crisis, we expect a further increasing demand for interim professionals in the near future. That is why we have recently started HRTouchpoints Interim Search & Recruitment and HRTouchpoints Interim op Maat to expand our network of interim professionals.

Sylvia Massy, Partner Interim Search & Recruitment

HRTouchpoints Interim Search & Recruitment

specializes in recruiting well-trained professionals for temporary issues.

HRTouchpoints Interim op Maat

is suitable for Start / Scale-up or SMEs that want to use a permanent Interim professional for 1 or 2 days a week, depending on the specific need.

In the mediation of interim professionals, we focus on the following positions regardless of the sector:

  • General management (interim CEO / Managing Director);
  • Finance (interim CFO / Financial director / Business-Finance Control / Risk);
  • Operations (interim COO / Operations Director);
  • Project management (interim Project Manager / Transition Manager);
  • Commerce / Marketing (interim CCO / CMO / Communication);
  • People & Organization (interim HR Director / HR Business Partner / L & D / C & B);
  • IT (interim CIO / IT Director / Program manager / IT Audit);

The reasons for clients to attract our interim professionals vary. Some recent examples include:

  • Bridging the absence of an employee, for example due to (maternity) leave, illness, inactivity,         promotion or dismissal;
  • The temporary increase in labor productivity due to increasing demand;
  • Support for temporary projects that run parallel to the other business processes;
  • Carrying out radical change processes and / or unpopular measures;
  • Increasing the knowledge and / or experience within an organization;
  • Required by external (supervisory) authorities, such as the Tax Authorities, Financial Markets         Authority and De Nederlandsche Bank.

If your organization also needs to fill a position temporarily, we are happy to offer our interim services. Hiring our interim professionals can provide the necessary benefits for your organization, such as:

  • Rapid availability, ie a shortlist of 3 suitable and interested candidates (three plus three) within 3 days and simple;
  • Termination of temporary employment, without high costs or other barriers;
  • Careful intake along the axes of competences, personality characteristics and motives;
  • Objective view, without prejudice or dogmas;
  • Extensive knowledge and experience within the specific work area.
Our interim professionals work for the most diverse private and public companies and non-profit organizations throughout the Netherlands. Depending on the specific question and the duration of the temporary project, the hourly or daily rate of the interim professional is determined and the corresponding agency fee.

More Information about Interim Executive Search & Recruitment?

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