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Mark Steinen, founding partner of HRTouchpoints

Mark Steinen, founder of HRTouchpoints, specializes in Executive and Interim Search, Recruitment, and Supervisory search (for supervisory and advisory boards). He has carried out more than 250 searches in the past 10 years and does not specialize in any particular professional group or sector. You could say he is a generalist, which is why we work for both the Dutch and international private sector as well as the public sector. We have a broad network that includes listed companies, start-ups, scale-ups, SMEs, family businesses and private equity firms.


Mark combines his in-depth knowledge of the field with a vast, high-quality network of senior managers. With his proven track record in securing mandates and finding the right professional, his approach is skilled, pragmatic, and personal. People who know Mark describe him as pleasant and sociable, someone who values quality, keeps his promises and always delivers.

He began his career in the financial sector at SNS/Reaal before joining Tempo-Team/RandstadHolding in 1997. There, he held various operational and commercial management positions until he joined Olympia Flex Group in 2006 as COO/CCO. In late 2009, he decided to go into business for himself and became a partner/co-owner of one of the oldest boutique executive search firms in the Netherlands, De Vroedt & Thierry Executive Search. Finally, in May 2017, he founded HRTouchpoints, where he has worked with a number of partners to build an Integrated HR platform offering both professionals and companies a wide variety of HR services.

Mark holds a Master’s degree in Management and Organization Science from Tilburg University and a post-graduate qualification in Strategies of Human Resource from the University of Groningen.


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Saskia Rademaker

Partner Executive Search


After finishing a Master in International Relations in Amsterdam, Saskia started her career in a rapidly growing travel company as international Recruiter. In the past 10 years she gained experience in Corporate recruitment management, Recruitment Process Outsourcing and strategy in retail, digital marketing, private equity and e-commerce always in a dynamic, rapidly growing and international environment.

After years of searching entrepreneurs for multiple startups she took the step herself 2 years ago. She is leading together with 2 partners the growth hub weGRow International B.V. She specializes in finding the right cultural fit at the right stage of growth for your company. People describe Saskia as Enthusiastic, Driven, Pragmatic and highly motivated.

Barbara Lammers

Partner Executive Search


After studying Human Resources, Barbara Lammers started as a Recruitment & Selection consultant, after which she gained twenty years experience in various commercial service providers in the course of her career. She has worked in HR and business related functions and has developed and implemented various organizational changes.

As an ultimately responsible manager at large corporates, SMEs and start-ups, she has developed as a trusted sparring partner for Board / Executive / Young professionals and can quickly understand what an organization, a team or a person needs to achieve a strategic goal. to obtain.

Her advice is given from the following driving forces: mission, vision, strategy and culture, organizational structure and processes. This often concerns “Talent Issues” within the Employee Life Cycle, which an organization has.

Executive and Interim Search/Recruitment (5-step plan)



HRTouchpoints Executive and Interim Search/Recruitment can be described as a boutique executive and interim search service for clients in the Netherlands and abroad using data-driven methods. We cooperate with a number of highly experienced consultants who are selected for a specific mandate based on the assignment at hand.

Our rates differentiate between Recruitment (R&S of candidates for positions with a gross annual salary of 70,000 to 100,000 euros) and Executive Search (R&S of candidates for senior positions with a gross annual salary of 100,000 euros or more). Finally, we also handle the R&S of candidates for supervisory positions, for example members of a Supervisory Board or Advisory Board. We use the same search process for Interim positions, the only difference being the type of contract.

In each case, we apply a strict standard method that always consists of 5 steps.

1. In-depth survey of the position

Every search procedure starts with an in-depth survey of the organisation, based on documents that you supply and interviews with selected key colleagues ‘surrounding’ the position that you currently have open. The interviews give us extra information as we draw up a candidate profile, and they also supplement our interview with you. Based on this information, we finalize the candidate profile, which describes the most relevant competencies, personality traits, and motivations for the position. In the end, it is not only about finding a talented candidate but also about whether that candidate fits with the specific environment in which he or she will be working.

2. Market mapping and assembling a longlist (data-driven recruitment)

The partner bears final responsibility for the entire search process and works with a dedicated consultant. We often cooperate with DutchWebShark, a leading data search agency in Amsterdam, which performs a Vacancy Market Analysis (VMA) based on the relevant candidate profile. The VMA means we are better able to state in advance how many suitable candidates will be on our longlist and their current situation. We then approach the candidates through our extensive Dutch and international network and, if necessary, on social media. We assemble our longlist in accordance with a number of core criteria that we have identified in advance with our client.

3. Criterion-focused interviewing

Our firm uses the criterion-focused interviewing method as a selection tool. It was co-developed by Harvard University and offers a much better quality assessment of candidates and, as a result, a more objective selection process. We interview candidates based on core criteria drawn up in advance in consultation with our client. The criteria consist of competencies, crucial personality traits, and motives. Specifically, research shows that managing and supervisory directors stand out not only because of what they can do and what they know, but also because of who they are and what motivates them. Where necessary, the above-mentioned criteria in a criterion-focused interview can be assigned a weighting factor in the KeyFactor form.


4. Assembling a shortlist

Ideally, the final shortlist should consist of 3 to a maximum of 4 suitable candidates, each one with his or her own particular strengths. Throughout the entire procedure, we will be in frequent touch with both you and each candidate and provide regular feedback on progress. Our experience suggests that the average procedure takes about 2 to 3 months, not counting the candidate’s notice period.

5. General and specific references

We have performed more than 150 searches in recent years, across multiple sectors and for various specific positions. Some of our most frequent searches involve CEOs, CFOs, CCO/COOs, CHROs (HR Directors), Chief Digital Officers and CIOs. Thanks to our network at the senior executive level, we are also capable of tracking down relevant candidates in middle management (Recruitment) through referrals. We are happy to provide references upon request.

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