Entrepreneurial Growth 

Technology is changing exponentially, but organizations are changing logarithmically. Therefore, at seedling, we believe that every company must face the reality of continuous innovation and disruption, or risk losing it in the future. The organizational structures that characterize established companies today will be redundant in the world of tomorrow. But many organizations fail to innovate, adopt an entrepreneurial mindset and reinvent their future. In this fast-changing world, it is not enough just to be agile and look at best practices. You must adopt an entrepreneurial mindset and look at the following practices to grow your organization! We help organizations to become more entrepreneurial using:

– Building a culture of growth and developing a founding mindset in teams. We coach teams to look beyond best practices and look at the next practices that will help your organization thrive and win!

– Developing and validating breakthrough business models, products, solutions or companies. And building game-changing, creative and sustainable routes to growth.